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SCHÖNE.DIENSTE  is a consulting company for the food and gastronomy industry based in Berlin. From idea to implementation, I develop food concepts with a special emphasis on VEGETABLES, but I am not a vegetarian. I am all about incorporating the client’s structure and environment. I love naturalness and sustainability, with an emphasis on themes that span multiple topics.

A small selection of showcases

Concepts & Projects

Campaign & Canteen Food Concept

MEAT ONCE A WEEK – Healthy & sustainable eating without compulsion and a guilty conscience

Global meat production is a significant factor in climate change. Schöne.Dienste offers an easy-to-implement adaptation of everyday diets with Meat Once A Week that focuses on giving something a try and inclusivity.


  • After initial consultation with Schöne.Dienste/MOAW, EAD Darmstadt introduced the Meat Once a Week concept in 16 school canteens.
  • Successful conversion of the “Globus” canteen at the company headquarters in St. Wendel to “lots of active vegetables and less meat”.

Art & Food Experience

Does Colour Taste? – A Perception Dinner

How do you feel – if colour becomes a part of you?


“Lentils: The recipe against world hunger”

Famine and food shortages continue to be a deadly and commonplace problem in many countries around the world. In 2019 alone, 690 million people went hungry worldwide. In the film “Lentils: The Recipe Against World Hunger”, I explore the question of whether lentils as a protein-rich food can provide the solution.

Gastronomy Concept

Zoo Food-Konzepte: Gastronomie im Tierpark neu denken

Isn’t it absurd that we go to the zoo to admire animals, but are then served meat from factory farming at the chip shop? The concept of gastronomy in the zoo addresses this problem and relies on the idea of producing food for visitors and animals from identical raw materials.


Pink Ribbon Gala Event Formats for Estée Lauder Companies

From a cellar bar to a gala event – at the request of Regina Schilcher (PR & Communications for Estée Lauder), Schöne.Dienste developed a new and innovative event format with Anton Mosimann as the star chef for Estée Lauder Switzerland’s “Pink Ribbon Night”.

Following the succes of the recent Pink Ribbon event in Zurich, I should like to take this opportunity to thank you for the part you played during the early planning states of the project.

Anton Mosimann

Mosimann's London


Paintings & Drawings

Could art possibly be considered as vital a sustenance as our nourishment? My journey commenced in 1988/89 through collaboration with Arnold Zabert of Zabert Sandmann Verlag, where I initially conceptualized and illustrated food designs for cookbooks and magazines.

Subsequently, I have had the privilege of showcasing my works at prestigious venues such as Art Karlsruhe, Discovery – Art Cologne, and Art Fair Cologne.


Selected References

In a goal-oriented manner, Ms Schöndienst combines what is desirable with what is feasible in practice. That’s what the industry needs!

Martina Carduck


Thank you very much for your special commitment and inspiration for GLOBUS!

Thomas Bruch

Inhaber, Globus Holding


Media & Press


Seminars & Lectures

Beate Schöndienst – About me

Apprenticeship as a cook ( 3 years) at the Kempinski Hotel Atlantik, Hamburg, 2 Michelin stars

3 year collaboration with Anton Mosimann in London and at the Dorchester “The Terrace Kitchen”, 2 Michelin stars

2-year collaboration with Rainer Wolter at Hotel Prem, 2 Michelin stars

Food designer & chef at Arnold Zabert, founder of the Zabert/Sandmann cookbook publishing house.

Development of the magazine “Die leichte Küche” and the cookbook “Die Kunst des Geniessens”.

Freelance Food Designer in New York

Advanced training in art and graphic design

Development of bodysigns – a reusable jewellery that lies on the skin with cream

Special Edition for the Pink Ribbon Gala by Estée Lauder Companies

Development of “Kunst für Kinder” and a music kindergarten in Hamburg.

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